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Pioneer in Industrial Design

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Kilitli Sistem Sandviç Panel

Cold Room Panels

Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Cold Storage Wall, Ceiling and Floor Panels

Cold Room Doors

Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Cold Storage Sliding, Hinged, Monorail and Flip-Flap Doors

Menteşeli Soğuk Oda Kapısı
Endüstriyel Soğutma Cihazları

Cooling Devices

Industrial Cold Storages Split Type Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic and Double Stage Shock Devices Manufacturing and Sales​

Cold Room Systems

Easy Installation Possibility with Modular Type Cold Rooms and Monoblock Cooling Devices

Soğuk Oda Sistemleri
Endüstriyel Soğutucular


Industrial Cold Storage Ceiling Type and Standard Type Cooling Systems Manufacturing and Sales

Container Cold Rooms

Manufacturing and Sales of Wall, Ceiling, Floor Insulation and Cooling Devices and Ready System Container Cold Storages

Konteyner Soğuk Oda

Industrial Refrigeration Systems Panels, Doors, Refrigeration Devices and Ice Machines Production is under one roof with us!  


Contracting, Service and Engineering

Tunelgroup Logo

Tunelgroup Industrial Cooling Systems; It manufactures and sells Industrial Cooling Systems Panels, Doors and Cooling Devices. With its high engineering principles and quality perception, it provides its customers with efficiency-based, respectable and sustainable services. Our company; It offers professional solution partnership in your investments with engineering services from planning to design, from projecting process to investment, from development to turnkey completion, and with our own production steel structure systems.  

Ofiste Gece Mesaisi
Contracting Services

For the installation and trouble-free operation of Tunel Group devices, our specialized personnel guarantee the smooth operation of the entire system. 

Ofiste El Sıkışma
Elektrik Tamir İşleri
Shuttle Services

In order for the cooling systems to function smoothly and with minimum operating costs for years, cooling systems, like all systems, require periodic maintenance and controls.

Cihaz Tamiri
Mühendislik Planları

Engineering Services

It is possible with the correct selection of system equipment for the correct operation of the system.

Mühendislik Araçları
Tunelgroup Logo

Our Mega Building Design and Manufacturing Efficiency is at High Levels with Knowledge, Experience and Effective Engineering


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