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Floor Panels

Cold Storage Floor Panels

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Locked system sandwich floor panels are used to prevent heat losses on the floors of cold storage rooms.

Floor Panel

Our interlocking system sandwich panels with B2 non-flammability certificate are designed to provide maximum thermal insulation in your cold storages.

High level of thermal insulation with a polyurethane density of 42kg/m³.

High Density


It does not breathe with its optimum polyurethane.

High quality sheet metal

delivers the performance

Thermal Insulation


With its intense raw material

Provides minimal heat leakage

The only liquid inside

you can have products

Sound insulation

Easy setup

What is inside is inside,

what's outside stays outside

It has a setup that even amateurs will feel proficient in.

Technicial Specifications

Production place

Turkey, Sivas

Insulation Material

Polyurethane (Pur-Pır)

Panel Width

1110 ᵐᵐ

Panel Thickness

50-60-80-100-120-150-180-200 ᵐᵐ

Sheet Type

Plywood or CrNi

Sheet Thickness

0.50 ᵐᵐ

Color Code

RAL 9002


Corrugated or Flat

Non-Flammability Certificate

B + S2 + D0

Lock Detail


The sandwich panels are double-jointed and also connected by a lock. Like this
easy assembly and excellent insulation
will be provided.

Join Detail


1. Elastic locking system
2. Mastic application channel
3. Surface sheet end point
4. Surface sheet

Support after sale

Online Support

Video technical support
Online support

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