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Double Wing Bar Door

Cold Storage Double Wing Bar Doors

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Double Wing
Bar Door

Bar doors are designed for easy passage of employees in ambient cooled (+12/+18) work areas.

Double Wing Bar Doors

Double wing bar doors allow your work to pass even when your hands are full, with its structure that can be opened 180 degrees to both sides in your work areas. It reduces heat loss in ambient cooling areas (+12/+18).

High Density


It does not breathe with its optimum polyurethane.

high quality sheet metal

delivers the performance

Thermal Insulation


With its intense raw material

Provides minimal heat leakage

The only liquid inside

you can have products

Sound insulation

Easy setup

What is inside is inside,

what's outside stays outside

It has a setup that even amateurs can feel proficient in.

Technicial Specifications

Production Place

Turkey, Sivas

Insulation Material

Polyurethane (Pur-Pır)

Case Material

Wood and Composite

Wing Thickness

40 ᵐᵐ

Sheet Type

Polyester, PVC, Galvanized or CrNi




Anodized Aluminum


Wall or Panel

Non-Flammability Certificate

B + S2 + D0

Wing Detail

Door Wing

Door gaskets are used on the upper, lower and front parts of the door wings to reduce heat permeability in bar doors.

Case Detail

Door Frame

They are profiles made of wood and composite material that prevent the thermal bridge of the door frames and are manufactured using anodized aluminum profiles.

Support After Sale

Online Support

Video technical support
Online support

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