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Tunelgroup Refrigeration Systems Are Here For You Since Its Establishment

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Tunel Group transfers all engineering knowledge to its customers for the correct selection and installation of Tunel Group products. Tunel Group products reach the end consumer with our experienced dealers who are as committed to the correct installation and operation of the system as we are.


Servis Ağı

Cooling systems, like all systems, require periodic maintenance and controls in order for the cooling systems to function smoothly and with minimum operating costs for years.

With the service and maintenance network created with the understanding of continuity in the service, it provides services throughout Turkey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with mobilized teams made up of qualified personnel who can intervene in all kinds of malfunctions within 4 hours at the latest.

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Our Mega Building Design and Manufacturing Efficiency is at High Levels with Knowledge, Experience and Effective Engineering


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